Crickethon 2022

Transforming cricket with your ideas and technology

Calling all cricket fans and coders! Give us your ideas — and get a chance to win amazing rewards and prizes.


Join HCL and European Cricket Network for Crickethon 2022 — a hackathon where you can compete to win a chance to develop innovative solution that will power next-gen cricket. What would you like do with cricket stats and data? Do you want to create an app? A dashboard? Create a cool way to serve up real-time notifications? Sign up and show us what you’ve got. You could win prizes and access to career-changing opportunities.

About Crickethon 2022

HCL Software, as the official technology partner of European Cricket Network (ECN), has been involved in transforming fan experiences and encouraging the influx of technology to build an environment for and by the fans of ECN.

In lieu of taking fan engagement to an altogether different level, we are elated to announce HCL-ECN Crickethon 2022 – an initiative to not only engage more and more fans but also to collaborate, co-innovate, and co-build tech solutions. This will be carried out in two phases – (1) Smart Fan and (2) Sports Scientists.

Everyone is interested to talk about the sport they love and possess the potential to offer relevant insights, while they are watching it. However, this voice never reaches the players. Smart Fan is all about taking the voice of fans to their respective teams and letting them know about a solution for a challenge that arises during different playing conditions and scenarios. In phase 1, we aim to touch close to 130 million viewers during the European Cricket Championship (ECC), starting on September 12, 2022, in Malaga, Spain.

The winners of Smart Fan contest will be accredited with the title of Sports Scientists. They stand a chance to win an exciting opportunity to take their idea a step ahead and conjointly build innovative solutions, backed by advanced analytics on historical cricketing data, with ECN and HCL Software. This will enable the cricket enthusiasts to be a part of the decision-making process at grassroots level. Additionally, the fans will have an opportunity to win cricket merchandizes along with exclusive rewards and recognitions from ECN and HCL Software.



The Crickethon Challenges

The ECC matches, scheduled to happen for a period of 5 weeks from 12th September to 14th October, will engage fans in a series of inquisitive questions across different areas of the game. Two categories of questions, that will be asked during the game, are bifurcated below -

Fan of the Day

Trivia questions will be asked around the match that is being played. One has to put logic and analyze any data they may remember and answer the polling question.

Frequency: One question per day

Fan of the Week

An enhanced engagement construct where the fans will be required to provide –

  • Innovative ideas
  • Factors/data points considered for the idea
  • Approach to solve a problem

Frequency: One question per week.


Co-building the solution with HCL Software and developing the solution to go live in next series

Rewards & recognition like signed merchandizes

Evaluation Criteria

For every Fan of the Week Question, the submission would be judged on: -


The extent to which one can clearly depict the logic behind the proposed ideology and how will it solve a problem


How practical and feasible the proposed idea is


The capability to gauge how new is the idea and for whom the idea is new

*Disclaimer: Decision made by the jury will be final and non-challengeable

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